Trophy buckle awards and Clay Target trophies for sporting clays,trap,skeet,archery and other sports.




 Wear it or display it.


 New X Large 2 tone Buckle 4.1/2 x 3.1/5 
     2 inch center  45.00 each
  65.00 with New Display Stand 

New small oval 2tone buckle 
 2.1/2 x 3.3/4 30.00 
add 20.00 for display stand

X large buckle Silver or Gold

with 5 round wood cast clay stand





Large 2 Tone Gold  Silver Layered Buckle

 5 round wood base and cast clay stand

 65.00 with stand


Two Tone Gold and Silver Layered Buckles

    cast metal clay buckle Tall display stand 
.00 with stand

         This shows how you can display this buckle.

We are the only trophy buckle company that has a buy back offer
for our buckles that are left over from your tournament.
We will give you half your money back for each buckle or charge you 5.00 for each center piece if you want new inserts for the buckles you have left over.
You can also receive a 10 percent discount if you order buckles and center pieces and install them yourself.
This saves me time and you money, the ring in the center of the buckles are held with 2 small screws.


                       New two tone  Large Silver and
                    Gold  Layered Buckles 
4 x 3 40.00 each 
                 1.1/2 Inch Center

               New Medium two tone Silver and           
                     Gold  Layered Buckles 
x 3.1/2   35.00


                   New Rectangle buckle is 
                       2.1/2 tall x 4 wide 

         Rectangle buckles do not need a display stand

              This is a Small 2 tone buckle  

                          For more info Call



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