Trophy buckle awards and Clay Target trophies for sporting clays,trap,skeet,archery and other sports.
olid ass I or nickel plated hardware.
Our new custom made cowhide leather gun slips are handmade one at a time and come with a money back guarantee.

It wasn't until I bought my Kreighoff  shotgun that I wanted to find a nice leather gun case, what I found were the expensive hundreds of dollars one's and the really cheap type so I decided to make my own.

There are no secrets or short cuts to working in leather it's done the same way it has been done for thousands of years,
you start with a cowhide and create your own pattern and cut and sew it together.

I buy leather hides from the factory that does the embossing of the leather so I buy a lot of over runs, that means there may  be just a few available in that style and color.

Embossed cowhide leather gives a creative & decorative look to leather by stamping a pattern onto the leather.
Our embossed exoctic crocodile features a stylish fusion of a high-end crocodile embossing with a rich and sophisticated application.

                 Now is the time to own a custom made leather gun slip, with a matching belt and shooting pouch, 

                                                     We use the finest solid brass or nickel plated hardware.

                                                                                      Floral Pattern and gator combo
                                                                                                                                                          Matching leather belts 50.00

Gator Shell Pouches 60.00 each           Shell Pouch with soft leather 50.00 each

                        Most gun slips are made to fit a 52 inch gun or 54 but can be made shorter.

                         Custom Made Shotgun Slip 195.00  includes shipping in the USA  

                                                         Velcro used to keep the case closed.


    Many colors available including hair on the hide gun cases and shell pouches and belts. 

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